Renal Resources is one of the main components of the Baseline Eco-System. It represents the patient connectivity/sharing capability and patient engagement/educational modules offered by the foundation. Renal Resources was developed based on the idea that each patient needs to “Ask Questions, and Seek Answers” for themselves. It is a living portal that combines the latest in e-health technology with mobile capabilities, and social networking functionality.

For patients and at-risk individuals, Renal Resources provides information and educational tools on prevention, treatment, and management of renal conditions. Written in an easy-to-understand form, with tactful use of pictures, videos, and info-graphics, Renal Resources makes often-intimidating and complex medical information about diabetes, dialysis, transplants, CKD, and other renal issues accessible to every user.

The Beta version of Renal Resources at its peak connected over 1000 patients, professionals, and family members globally. The foundation saw an increase in usage from individuals in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and France. Engaged patients, and educated patients are connected patients.