• I have decided to try to get a kidney transplant again after living with this disease for almost 32 years now. In doing so I am trying to find a living donor as I have no one in my family who could donate. Its interesting, my future depends on the generosity of a stranger….I have always tried to help others and by sharing my experience publicly I believe I can make a difference! By documenting the entire process from start to finish, I will be utilizing social media (Facebook and Twitter) as well as personal videos shot on my IPHONE which can be seen on my foundation website in a few weeks, and I will have a professional film crew there documenting the process also…. This is my Transplant Experience….So it begins


  • As part of the foundation’s efforts to empower patients we have been developing and delivering a structured approach to improving outcomes and compliance, stability, and transplant readiness through a 90 day patient empowerment model. Thanks to the generous support of AMGEN Medical Education and others our model has been showing success by delivering improving outcomes and compliance, stability, and transplant readiness for the patients who have chosen to get involved.
    Forty-five (45) days ago we began working with 14 dialysis patients in Los Angeles California who were all eager and excited to begin to utilize the foundation’s Baseline Eco-System. 13/14 of those patients are having success. I am very proud of what we are doing in Los Angeles and I am especially proud of each patient, as they have worked hard to create healthcare stability for themselves. The Baseline Eco-System provides each patient with our Stability Model and our Methodology while outlining a specific set of directions to follow (Clinically Accepted Practices) and providing access to a dedicated set of tools and resources (developed with patient input) that is creating stability for each patient in as little as 90 days. Our patients are improving their outcomes, and are excited to be preparing themselves for transplantation. In Los Angeles we have seen a reduction in Phosphorous levels, an increase in Albumin levels and patients have even requested additional dialysis therapy! (Increase in time connected to the machine) Our patients are seeing an increase in the energy level they have and have expressed a noticeable difference in how they are feeling before and after dialysis treatments. More to come…

  • Shad in LA working with Baseline patient02_2014

    I am proud of the personal impact our Baseline Eco-System is having in the lives of the patients we are working with in Los Angeles California. Here is a photo of myself working with one of our patients discussing improved outcomes and compliance, the different treatment options available, and strategies for preparing for transplantation. It is important that patients have access to tools and resources like our Baseline Eco-System as it can help them create personal stability and manage their healthcare.  It is also important that they have a positive role model, an example of someone like them who is living successfully with kidney disease. I am humbled and honored to play a small role in their success!
    More to come…