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The Shad Ireland Foundation is dedicated to meeting the goals and objectives outlined in its mission statement while simultaneously delivering innovative and dynamic patient-centric programs that engage, educate, and empower our constituency. Your support allows us to follow through on our commitment to the patients and families we serve. Please click on the link below and support our efforts to make a difference!

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My Transplant Experience

I have decided to try to get a kidney transplant again after living with this disease for almost 32 years now. In doing so I am trying to find a living donor as I have no one in my family who could donate. Its interesting, my future depends on the generosity of a stranger….I have always tried to help others and by sharing my experience publicly I believe I can make a difference! By documenting the entire process from start […]

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Baseline Patient Empowerment Project : LA

As part of the foundation’s efforts to empower patients we have been developing and delivering a structured approach to improving outcomes and compliance, stability, and transplant readiness through a 90 day patient empowerment model. Thanks to the generous support of AMGEN Medical Education and others our model has been showing success by delivering improving outcomes and compliance, stability, and transplant readiness for the patients who have chosen to get involved. Forty-five (45) days ago we began working with 14 dialysis […]

Our Board of DIrectors

Dynamic board certified Private Practice Nephrologist with 12 years of clinical experience caring for patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), Hypertension, Diabetes, and after renal transplant in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Perspectives in Philanthropy

Every year Morgan Stanley recognizes those making a difference. Shad Ireland was selected as one of the Next Generation Changemakers in Philanthropy. It is an honor and a privilege to be included among this group of amazing individuals.